Friday, January 19, 2018

Set your Affection on Things Above- Major 1 Tells You

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. (Colossians 3:2 King James version).

Affection on things Above :

The word affection is synonymous to the word love this expression is derived from human emotions. God gave us affection(Love) to enable us to get back to him when we feel lost and disconnected in life.

There is an eternal target which is set above this world, Papa God wants us to put our affection, love on things above.

Every other thing that is connected to this planet earth is unto the destruction of the soul. Listening to circular music on each day will destroy your human soul, clubbing and hanging out with the wrong association will crumble your souls to hell.

When all is said and done the human world will be over and reality of God's Kingdom(Heaven) will stand then it will be time to give an account of what each one did with their time here on earth.

Invest your minds daily on spiritual things,desire to function from his presence, go deeper in the spirit realm,speak in tongues like never before,study the word like never before, go deeper in love in the Holy Spirit and rest your affection(love) on Him, that way you are secured and prepared for glory as you set your mind on things above.


Father, thank you for your Love over my life, I am born for the accomplishment I do the things that please you and bring you glory on each day, I refuse to be distracted from my heavenly goals as I function in your word in Jesus Name. (Amen).

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Dr. Mary Bushiri

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