Saturday, September 8, 2018

Get Ready to Testify and Dance a New Song!

Get ready to testify today for the Lord has remember you it is your season for shinning in JESUS NAME

The Lord said to me on the mount Disappointment will be a thing of the past for my son's and daughters.

I see good news coming for you today it will be mind-blowing for you and those around you in JESUS NAME

Hear me now,,, God told me to give this prophecy to the world. Take it if you are online. Before this month ends your star will shine. I saw it very clear, As you SHARE this Prayer in 3 Facebook Groups, God will Connect Miraculously!!

Sons and daughters of Miracle, Consider yourself lucky if you can see this post, because God is about to change your life for good. Now.. go and Prepare yourself to receive something remarkable after this fasting of breaking foundation... 

Never allow the praise of god depart from your lips I hear the sound of an abundance of miracle in the realm of the spirit. God of major 1 has prepare a great blessings for you in this life.

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