Friday, November 30, 2018

The captives are free in your family today

The captives are free!
At ECG, we love to hear testimonies, and we sing and proclaim the goodness of our God. We revel in His love for us and the Prophetic Worshipers celebrate the God whom we have come to know and love like the God of Major 1. He is the God of Abraham, the very same God who walked Moses through the Red Sea all those years ago, He attended the service just for control!
Valued followers, there is nothing sweeter than freedom! Today we have enjoyed listening to the teaching of our father in the Lord. He took us through a quick recap of the importance of foundations. We learnt to note the signs of evil foundations, in particular, those of poverty and the spirit of “almost”. We learned how to detect the reason why we fail to get delivered sometimes.

The prophet of God ended this mission by terrorising demons after unleashing a blitz on demons lingering in the congregation. The arena of liberty is a slaughterhouse for demons and a very dangerous war zone where only the Fearless can go in on a mission to destroy the enemy!

What remains now is for you to make every effort to get into testimony line so that you too may be amongst the many testimonies that are loading. In the meantime, keep watching Prophetic Channel. Remained connected, to remain protected and delivered.

I love you, Shalom


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