Saturday, December 8, 2018

A True Happiness From Within is

There is two type of happiness, Blessed and acquired. If you know what God required from you, you become blessed. Possess a blessed possessions .

Whatever you add in your life without God's opinion to it is an acquired possession and such man is liable to die young for he is reaping another man's possession, and by the time the man he is reaping his possession wake up from sleep and cry out to God! 

The hand that hold what belongs to him shall be broken!! Tell yourself, I shall possess my possession!!!!  Amen. You know yourself my dear, I urge you to return whatever that you are having that is not yours  day!!! This is a voice from above. 

Maybe you were using them knowingly or unknowingly but as you hear this message, you know what to do .

Don't said you didn't hear this message for God's spirit is a witness to this text .Go and return all and I tell you before this week will end, you shall possess your possession in Jesus Christ name. (Because when the owner will cry unto God, you will not escape it).

I tell you, wait for God's perfect time, for his blessings is for a lifetime!!! Amen .

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