Monday, December 10, 2018

Moving From Nobody To Somebody

A man who refused to become a sheep and be led by a shepherd cannot be able to lead sheep. He will only be working as a hireling who only butchers and feeds himself from the sheep. 

When he sees wolves and other devouring beasts approaching to kill the sheep, he will take to his heels and leave the sheep to be devoured, killed and destroyed. 
The unfortunate thing is that this kind of shepherds or ministers abound virtually in everywhere and every church. 

All they do most times is feeding themselves from the meat, milk, bones hides and skins and other product of the sheep, and leaving the surviving ones to the care and mercy of the wolves. Their emphasis always are on offerings, seeds, tithes and donations. 

They always require the gifts and proceeds from the sheep, without contributing a dime to their physical, spiritual, social, physiological and psychological well being. They are goats that suddenly turned into shepherds and leading many sheep into the wilderness of this world, filled with all kinds of devouring beasts. 

Things are done sequentially, systematically, chronologically, simultaneously, step by step and in order for a huge success and remarkable achievements to be realized and delivered. Therefore in Christendom, it ought also to so. 

A man is first delivered from goat and piggery state (his state of sin), and then translated into sheep and saintly state (whereby he becomes a child of God). 

This is what qualifies a man to be lead by a shepherd. You cannot be a goat and be working preparing and desiring to lead sheep. Where do you intend to lead them to? Into the wilderness full of devouring beasts to leave them and escape for your life, or to the promised land? 

No goat has the ability, capacity and effrontery of leading the sheep to the promised land. God bless you amen.

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