Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Break Free From all Chains and Shackles

Every Satanic padlock that has been used to lock up Your glory, your progress, your Marriage, your womb, your husband progress, your Children's glory, your helpers of Destiny, your Ministry, your spiritual life & all good things in your life, I command the evil padlock to break into pieces In Jesus name, 

THIS IS A SPECIAL PROPHECY FOR YOU. (Do not fail to receive it ). I see someone who has been saying to themselves that by now I was going to be doing far much better in LIFE but it could not happen, 

I am here to SPEAK TO YOU AS A PROPHET  forget about what could not happen THE LORD IS DOING A NEW THING IN YOUR LIFE. I hear a SOUND of ABUNDANCE . 

Your season of RESTORATION, ABUNDANCE and FAVOUR has come ! ARISE AND SHINE, the glory of the Lord is upon you in Jesus Name

If am talking to you SAY " IT IS MY TIME" 

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