Thursday, January 31, 2019

I Can See Everything Turning Around for my and Your Good

Read it to the end, this may be exactly what you are looking for.  White man come from south Africa to give Mr Neil nice contract of employment because he worked with his father nicely, in that week Mr Neil was very sick and was spending his time sleeping and everybody knew that he was bed ridden. 

White man on arrival was told that Mr Neil was sleeping in his house and was very happy to be able to find him with easy but was surprised when he opened the door and find no body in the house.

On that day Mr Neil decided to take long walk that he arrive very late that evening. meantime a White man waited until brother to Mr Neil arrived and was very happy.

White man did not know that Mr Neil was having brother so realizing that Mr Neil was no where to be seen he decided to take his brother

Note: Mr Neil is the one qualified for the Job in South Africa. But when he went to to take walk, the grace was TRANSFERRED to his brother. Then Neil come to me for prayers.

I asked him to put his hands inside miracle pool water and shout I AM FREE 9 TIMES. To deliver him from that demons of bad luck. on his way home he meet white man with his brother and was immediately offered contract also.

Demons of bad luck might be the reason why you are suffering today.

As I instructed Neil to shout I Am FREE 9 TIMES and he shouted and got delivered from demons of bad luck

I instruct you now to Type I AM FREE 9 TIMES different times on the comment section and share this post 9 times.

hurry, Immediately you do this you are delivered demons of bad luck

This Sunday is MIRACLE POOL so meet prophet boiki at pillar of fire motimposo, terminus stop. bring your bottle. Entry for free.. Connect Major 1

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