Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Your life is full of beauty and excellence

* He has caused us according to his will, by the word of truth, so that we will be sort of the beginnings of his creatures (Jacques 1:18).*

Did you know that you are the most beautiful of the creation of God? After God created everything from the first to the fifth day, he looked at what he had done and it was good (Genesis 1:4-25). But on the sixth day, after creating the man, the Bible says: *" 

God lives Everything he had done and here it was, it was very good..."* (Genesis 1:31). Notice the accent; you are the perfection of the creation of God, the most beautiful thing the world has ever seen.

Your life is full of beauty and excellence, for you are created in the image and the resemblance of God. You look like him and you will love him like him. You could say, " but my head is so big, how can you say I look like god?" you look at the wrong thing. Your mind is so beautiful, your mind is where God resides. Your mind has the life and nature of God and this is the real you.

Live from your mind; examine your mind and see the incredible beauty of your personality. Be happy with you. Be happy with the fact that you are created by God, because everything he has created is a masterpiece. So you are a masterpiece. You may never really discover your reality, your beauty and your excellence, until you start looking in yourself, inside your mind, and refusing to let the flesh control you. 

Look in your mind and see the life of justice that it has deposited in your mind. Your life is a life of justice. You exsudez and manifest the justice of God; it is who you are. You are loving and kind, because the love of God is spread in your heart by the Holy Spirit.

You are not the angry, unhappy or frustrated person that your mind or satan is trying to describe you. You are beautiful! You may be worried because you think you're overweight or you haven't been able to gain weight. This should not make you an unhappy person. This shouldn't make you give up. The bottom line is discipline; and then don't try to look like someone else. Be happy with yourself and treat yourself well.


* Precious Father, I thank you for making me a crown of your creation and the best of everything you have done. I live with the conscience of who I am in Christ. I am a pearl of Grand Prix and priceless value. Your excellent work is a perfect manufacturing masterpiece, created for glory and beauty. I expose your wonders and show your virtues and improvements in my world, in the name of Jesus. Amen.*

* Psalms 139:14 *
I praise you from what I am such a wonderful creature. Your works are admirable, and my soul recognizes it well.

* Ephesians 2:10 *
For we are his book, having been created in Jesus Christ for good works, that God has prepared in advance, so that we will be able to share them.


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